Hi, my name is Katurah, and for over a decade, I have been documenting love stories.

As a photographer, I consider myself an art historian; hence the name "Itan" (pronounced E-ton), which means recorder of history. Whether I am capturing a wedding or portrait session, it is my pleasure to document the history of my clients. So, when memories begin to fade, you will always have these tangible moments to relive the experience.Beyond the photographs I love curating unforgettable experiences for my clients and capturing images that show just how truly beautiful each of you are.

Originally from Connecticut, and a mother of one, going to plays and football games are some of my favorite pastimes. At least three times within a year, you will find me on a beach people watching and napping. Just like most women, shoes are my vice; though, I will never admit to how many pairs I have (mainly because I don't know). Purple is my favorite color, and The Color Purple is one of my favorite movies. I am an avid watcher of “This is Us”. Most times I have to remind myself that this is just a television show. 

I have traveled to five different countries and to most of the islands in the Caribbean. Italy and Antigua are places that I could live. Nikon, Costco, Samsung and Marshalls really should make me an ambassador. Family and friends are everything to me. My clients have become an extension of that family and I truly value the bonds and connections we share. I’d love to invite you into the Itan family and would be honored to capture your life moments.

Meet the photographer