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Choosing a color scheme for your wedding

Wedding planning is full of decisions that need to be made and it can be overwhelming. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is your color scheme. Choosing this upfront will make other decisions a whole lot easier. Here are some tips on how to choose your color theme:

Consider the venue. The venue will set the tone for your wedding, so the aesthetic should be in alignment. Is it a dark and rustic venue? Light and airy outdoorsy venue? Take this into consideration when choosing your color theme.

What are your priorities? If there is a specific detail you would like to incorporate into your wedding (i.e. a specific flower, family heirloom, etc) then make that a starting point for your palette.

Consider the season. Bright and colorful blooms for spring. Blush and silvers for winter. Rich jewel tones in fall. These all beautiful color palettes; however, you also do not have to confine yourself to sticking to the “rules”. Who says you can’t have bright and colorful in winter?

Go Monochromatic. Go for an ombré effect by choosing the lightest shade through the darkest shade. 50 shades of purple anyone? Speaking of shades, having a tough time matching colors? Check out the color wheel. Typically, colors across from one another on the color wheel pair well with each other. A cool tone matched with a warm tone.

Draw inspiration from unassuming places. Ditch the wedding magazines, inspiration is all around. Saw a Moroccan-inspired pillow at your local home goods store? In the paint section at the hardware store? What colors are you drawn to? Inspiration is literally everywhere.

Forget the rules and do what makes you happy. Want to do a deep cranberry and navy in summer? That’s fine. Pinks and pastels in winter. Also fine. This is your day. Do what makes you happy and say cheese for the camera.?

….a photographer and her shoes📸👠

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